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Console games and spoilers Empty Console games and spoilers

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:24 am

For those unfamiliar with creating Spoilers
I've used the code tag to show you how the spoiler text should look


[spoiler]  Typing between these two tags  [/spoiler]
Will look like the below when done correctly - Click the "Spoiler" box below to see an
example of a Spoiler
This should give you something like below.
Typing between these two tags

Hope that helps
Maybe an easier way for those of you that are willing to try the forum tools - You can also just
the text/what (Meaning - Click and drag with your cursor to select the
text) you want to use as spoiler text in your post, then without
touching anything else go up into our forum tools menu and from the
Others button, (located below your subject title box, choose "Spoiler"
from the drop down list that appears and it will automatically do it
for you -
Be sure to preview your post to see if you've done it correctly - then post away - No mistakes to worry about.

Give me a shout if anyone needs help[

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