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Post  Admin on Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:26 pm

Welcome Friends, to our new Forums!

How do you like them?

I've been playing around with this new system for a few days now and "I think" I have most of the bugs/glitches worked out of it. Stress

Note: You may notice some *ahem* grammer/spelling errors on a few of the things on the site while having a look around....
(For instance: The Host's TOS & Agreement page for one, when you first signed up) That wasn't mine, but rather, it was the Host's agreement page/template, of which, isn't editable --- at this time --- for some reason) So I created a another set that you can find, as a link, at the top of the forum entitled " Rules & Guidleines")

This is because the Host is French and in the process of translating the system over into English, so I beg everyone's pardon...

All in all though, the Forums look and feel like a great system to work with! ..I think you will agree ..once you get use to the differences over the other forum's system, or from others that you may have used before, that is.

Poke around to see what's available to you and what's not...and let me know if you enecounter any weirdness, or if you'd like to see something added or... removed (even)
I "will" try to be accommodating while our group is still fairly small, and because "you," my new friends, chose to follow me over here to this one...
Thanks by the way!

I will add an arcade to the forums soon....
Well ...as soon as I find a nice one with decent games to put up, that is...I'm not a huge fan of mini-arcade games, so unless you like them, really really want them and have favorites, this may take a little while. Let me know of any suggestions or game sites that allow the use of their code that you'd like to see added and I'll add them as soon as I get a chance.

The Feedback Forum should be used for all and "any" requests in the Forum, so please post all that kind of stuff there.

Welcome and enjoy your new play space!


Speaking of play space, if people wanted to get together at the same time to play a certain game..and help eachother through the chat, we have an "events" module that can be used to set up "Play Dates" Rolling Eyes - Let me know if anyone is interested and I can configure it further.

Don't forget to vote in the Poll

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