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Fullscreen Description

This is a strange and enjoyable interactive journey through a twisted and unusual world.
During this journey you will see various social and global problems.
Your objective isn't to solve them all, just simply pay some attention.



Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - open inventory or cancel an action
X - interact with surroundings or accept an action

ragaras Walkthrough

- Walk towards the red balloon on the ground.
- Press the X key to take the RED BALLOON.
- Press the X key again to take the AIR CANISTER next to it (both items are
under the light).
- Press the Z key to bring up your inventory menu.
- Press the X key to select an item (either the RED BALLOON or the AIR
CANISTER), then select the merge icon with the X key.
- Now choose the other item with the X key to use both of them together, and
you will receive an INFLATED RED BALLOON in your inventory.
- Select the INFLATED RED BALLOON and equip it with the X key.
- Walk towards the white wall on your right and use the RED BALLOON on it to
gain further passage.
- Continue walking right, past the men and picture frame hanging on the wall,
and enter the door.

- Take the FLOWER, equip it and hand it to the girl to proceed.
- You will appear in a long corridor. Keep walking right towards the exit.
- In the next screen, simply walk towards the door and enter it.
- Bring up your inventory menu. Select the hand icon, then select the
briefcase icon to change form.
- Walk towards the power outlet and pull the plug out with the X key. Your
path to the right is now unblocked.
- Walk right past the next two screens to appear underwater.
- Swim upwards. Once you're above water, swim right.
- Take the TROPHY ANIMAL HEAD (just before the cage), then equip it and use
it on the man with the knife to scare him.
- Take the KNIFE on the ground, turn around and take the purple TEXT BALLOON
made by the dog in the cage.
- Use the purple TEXT BALLOON on the other man who is reading a magazine to
knock him out.
- Take the YELLOW KEY which appeared on the ground.
- You will need to free all three animals before proceeding.
- Use the YELLOW KEY to free the dog.
- Now use the briefcase to change form and grow taller, then equip the KNIFE
in your inventory.
- Use the knife to cut the turtle hanging from the rope loose.
- Head left and use the lever to free the fish. Then enter the water again
and swim under it.
- Swim towards the fish and it will swallow you whole. Now you are in control
of the fish.
- Use the left and right arrow keys to turn, and press the up arrow key to
swim forward.
- Swim towards the surface for a short cutscene, then swim downwards and enter
the cave at the bottom of the screen.
- Continue swimming right to find a small representation of Earth. Swim
towards it and after swallowing it whole, you will find yourself in a new

- Climb the ladder, then use the spotlight and move it downwards so that it
shines on the three men with top hats.
- Climb down and head inside the building. Make sure those men are
complaining before you proceed.
- There is a creature next to the ladder in this new screen, so change form
with the briefcase icon and take it with you.
- Now climb the ladder with the creature on your shoulders, then walk towards
the table. Place the creature on the table.
Type S, T, O and P to proceed.
- Pull the handle on the bandit machine to start it, then press the blue 1, 2
and 3 buttons in succession. Head on right.
- Walk towards the right side of this screen and use the machine. You will
gain a sharp object in your possession.
- Walk slightly towards the left and take the CAPACITOR on the ground.
(just underneath the mirror with a floating man in a blue shirt)
- Merge these two items together.
- Walk towards the third pillar from the left, then press the X key to make it
collapse. (stand on the spot just right of the brown steps)
- Change form with the briefcase icon, then use the X key to climb the pillar.
Walk towards the cage with the white dove.
- Equip the combined item, then use it on the cage to free the bird.

- On the screen with the scales, use the ladder on the right, then walk
towards the right to the ice cream machine.
- Use the ice cream machine to gain an ICE CREAM cone in your possession.
- Head back down and use the ladder on the left.
- Move towards the left side of the screen and take the shiny YELLOW OBJECT on
the ground. Now move towards the right side of the screen.
- Equip the ICE CREAM cone, then place it on the grey mound to lure the flies.
Now take the ICE CREAM cone with flies on it.
- Head back down and use the ladder on the right to enter the city once again.
- Use the contaminated ICE CREAM on the guards watching over the bank to make
them faint, then enter the building.
- You must place the YELLOW OBJECT on the right side of the screen before
grabbing the YELLOW KEY. Once this is done, head back out and use the ladder
to get back on solid ground.
- Use the YELLOW KEY to open the door in the middle of the scale, then enter
- Change form with the briefcase icon and open the trapdoor on the right.
Jump down, change back and use the red button.
- Walk all the way to the right for the end game and credits screen.


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