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The below text adventure game is "online" for your enjoyment and "does" use the "save & "restore" commands in the form of cookies that are saved to your computer so that you may return to your game at a later time. (Note: You will need to allow www.versificator.co.uk to store cookies on your machine if you wish to do this then)

To get instructions and help with Text Adventure Games, see this post

A brief look into the intro:

Outside bedroom
It's so unfair! You're in trouble again, just because you called your
uncle - or rather, your new stepfather, Claudius - a usurping git. It's
true, though. Your real dad was SO much better than that guy. Too bad
he was found mysteriously dead in the orchard a couple of weeks back.
Anyway, your mother (who was, incidentally, looking quite something
today in a sparse leather number, er...) sent you to your room, and
here you are.

are in your luxurious palatial boudoir, all of ten feet square. There
is a four-poster bed, and not much else. A portrait hangs on the wall.
An exit leads north.

In Game Help:

The games have large vocabularies (which vary a bit between the
different games) and listing all the words they understand would spoil
your enjoyment of playing. Here are some of the important ones,

north, south, east, west (or n, e, s, w), in, out
Move in the specified direction.

take thing, drop thing
Pick something up, or put it down (thing being the something
in question, e.g. cake, skull, radio.)

inventory, inv, list
Show a list of what you're carrying.

save name, load name
Save your game to a cookie, so you can resume playing later. You should be
able to go away from your computer and come back to your game at any time,
if you use this. It's also a good idea to save your game before doing
anything particularly risky or irreversible.

delete name
Delete the specified cookie.

Print a list of all saved-game cookies.

verbose, terse
Switch between the two descriptive modes. The default mode is 'terse', in
which rooms are only described to you the first time you enter them; on
subsequent visits you'll just be given the name of the room, a list
of exits, and lists of which characters and items are there. In 'verbose' mode,
the full description will be repeated every time you visit the room.

look (L or X for short)
On its own, this verb repeats the room description (handy in terse mode.)
You can also look at (or inside, or whatever) some particular thing
such as a room feature, an item, or a character.

restart game
Er, restart the game. (Please use this rather than your browser's Refresh
button, to save my bandwidth - ta.)

Show your current score. If you notice that some particular move causes
your score to increase, chances are you're working along the right

Other verbs you might like to try include (but are not limited to):
read, give, wear, climb, fight, show, chat, shout, wait,

Play Hamlet


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