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About Text Adventure Games

Unlike modern computer games today, that use intensive graphics and resource hogging adapters/devices to show you what's going on, the text adventure uses a technology of unsurpassed advancement - the English language - to project the images directly into your imagination. Text Adventures tell you where you are and what's happening, and you tell it (the game) what you want to do.

It is strongly advisable to draw a map as you go, as there are a lot more places than you think and without a map you will end up going round in circles or missing areas which you haven't tried. It doesn't need to be perfect as long as you have some record of where you have been and what you've found (as well as where you found it).
Examine things you find and try to remember that most problems have solutions that require no more than some careful thought and a little common sense. To tell your game what to do, type your instructions into the supplied text box
next to the > sign, and press ENTER on your keyboard. The game will do its best
to obey, and describe to you what happens next.

  1. If you get stuck, try typing HELP -- you may or may not get assistance but you won't know until you ask.
  2. To speed things up you may use the following abbreviations N, S, E, W, U, D, for Go North, South, East, West, Up or Down.
  3. I is short for Inventory and will list what you're carrying.<li>Some (but not all) of the words available that you may find useful are: -- Get, Take, Use, Drop, Go, Climb, Jump, Enter, Examine, Go, Leave, Move, Quit, Say, Wear, Read, Save, Light, Pull, Push and Look ... There are others!!!
Instructions are entered by you and in the form of "usually" two word commands with the first word being a verb. If the computer doesn't understand, it will tell you so and you must try re-wording what you wish to do (e.g. instead of GO FLYING try FLY). You will find that objects which can be picked up usually require only the last part of their name as in the Blue Ox where typing GET OX is all that is needed.
Good luck, happy adventuring and be careful about assuming too many things, it can be fatal, this is where saving your game will help much more with the pleasure of the adventure.

Please note that SAVE and RESTORE may or may not be available in all
text adventure games depending on the language they were written in and
where they are located (ie: Downloaded to your PC/Mac Wink or Online)

Below is an example of a few lines of conversation within a typical text
adventure game: (Note the typed commands appearing next to the > sign) and results of doing so.

Location: - Study
As you venture North, you find you are in Uncle Zorograbe's study. It has an old oak desk,
a swivel chair, and a big black wardrobe.
An exit leads south.

> look at the wardrobe

Funny thing to have in a study. The wardrobe is about ten feet
high by six feet wide, and seems to be emanating a red glow from
between the doors (which are closed.) If that wardrobe doesn't
lead to a magical kingdom, I'll be very disappointed.

> open the wardrobe

You stroll over and pull the wardrobe doors open. Immediately a
slimy green tentacle comes shooting out, coils itself around you,
and drags you in... through some sort of horrible dizzying
vortex... to a magical forest glade!

Location: - Forest glade
You land, hard, in the centre of a roughly circular clearing in a
dark forest. Immensely tall coniferous trees are packed tightly
together around the edge, with a few paths leading off
between them.
A bored-looking centaur stands here.
You can also see a cake.
Exits are north, east, south and west.

> ask centaur about the forest

"Next time your uncle buys a wardrobe," says the centaur,
"tell him to get one that hasn't been made of Intelligent Pine
from the Magical Forest of Bonglebong."

> eat cake

You hate cake.

And so on.

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