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Post  Admin on Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:33 am

Take some time to read this information before posting in the forum:

The Rules really are simple: flower

The focus of this forum is all about community,
and that's the philosophy that these rules are basedupon. As such, we should be a placewhere people are returning to, to enjoy themselves. (ie. not openly fighting in threads) So we state now that it would be greatly appreciated if all registered members adhere to these pretty basic rules.

Members: Please also report all; spam, harrassement, innappropriate postings in PM's, Emails, or on the boards, as well as, any broken links to the Staff. Don't try to handle things yourself.


  • No spamming.The staff reserves the right to determine what constitutes spam, but we all pretty much know what it is. You want people to sign up to help make your site #1 or help make you money...advertise it elsewhere!!
  • No flamewars.
    People can disagree, and that's cool. However, personal attacks because of a difference in opinion are NOT. So don't flame. Play nice: Use lots of smileys, or something... Smile
  • Keep the forums on topic. We've tried toset up the forums to cover broad categories (And ever-expanding) forwhatever topics people might have. When in doubt, go to the FeedBack Forumand ask. (If you're still in doubt, you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere - PM {Personal Message} a Staff member.
  • Avoid religion and politics discussions/debates. We realize that we all are protected by the freedom of speech, but let's remember, these "sensitive"conversations most always seem to end in a flame war anyways. Topics that lead to arguements of this nature won't be tolerated on the Forum, nor will the people responsible.
  • No talk or questions about reverse engineering, acquiring / sharing warez or passwords. All such posts will be removed and their guilty parties responsible, removed from being allowed on the Forums.

We probably will never have to go so far as to kicksomeone for being totally clueless. If you truly made a mistake, let a Staff member know right away. If you're not sure about something, ask them. It's better for you to go to them, rather than them come to you.

As time goes on and "if" need be, we might add to this list if circumstances warrant it. Please read every now and again to see any updates/additions

If you feel there's something missing, please let us know and we'll add it.

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User Guidelines [Rules] Empty Re: User Guidelines [Rules]

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:08 pm

read Smile


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